Three years ago, U.S. homes were valued at $25 trillion, which merely hints at how important the housing industry is to the American economy. Housing and buildings and affiliated services, from settlement to brokerages to lending, contribute to this dynamic industry, particularly in the U.S., where real estate is the largest investment for most Americans. For most, real estate is the foundation for other economic activity in their lives, and protecting that investment is paramount.

Title insurance offers lenders and purchasers a blanket of security, protecting assets and expenditure. It does so at reasonable rates. Title insurance rates are usually just a fraction of the cost most homeowners pay for hazard insurance over the course of their ownership. Seasoned title professionals review records and assess title standards and statutes to determine the true status of a title. Within the U.S., this process can take as little as one month.

The purchase of a home is a layered process. Sellers, buyers and lenders and realtors have a stake in the transaction, and each has their own expectations regarding liabilities and rights. Owner’s and loan policies can make everyone involved feel secure and confident in their decision-making. Additionally, title insurance answers the question, “How can I ever be sure that I am dealing with the true land owner?”

Purchasers of owners’ title insurance are protected against liens for unpaid taxes, outstanding mortgages, easements, fraud and forgery, improper vesting, and incorrect names and notary acknowledgments. The lender’s title insurance policy provides lenders with the assurance that there will be proper vesting into a borrower’s name, and they’ll be protected against title defects.

Through the title examination process, a routine title search can reveal important title problems before a loan and/or purchase is complete. However, if something is missing or an issue is unresolved, lender’s and owner’s title insurance policies can guard vulnerable parties, cover defense costs and pay valid claims.

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