Has one of your client’s refinanced or purchased his/ her property in the last six years?

If that’s the case, your client could be in luck, potentially qualifying for a reissue rate on their title insurance policy when selling their new home.

What is a reissue rate? You might ask. Well, a reissue rate is a discount on the cost of an owner’s title insurance policy.  Because it’s customary for a seller to select and pay for a title insurance producer, the reissue rate can be important when determining how to handle escrow and title.

Westcor Land Title Insurance Company, which Assured Title is an issuing agent for, boasts one of the best reissue rates in Colorado, offering the Denver Metro area a reissue credit of six years. If the property qualifies, sellers will be able to receive a hefty discount on their title insurance  costs. Depending on the county, underwriters also issues credits, depending on years it was last issued.

Potential savings on an owner’s title insurance policy is based on a client’s purchasing price.  For instance, if a client’s purchase price is 250,000, then the base premium is $1,307, a reissue rate at $790, and the reissue rate savings $517. Also, the purchase price is $500,000, then the base premium is $1,769, reissue rates at $884, resulting in a reissue rate savings of $884.

An important side note: Assured Title is staffed with numerous underwriters, who are happy to chat with curious parties about reissue rates.

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