Both, home-buying veterans and first-timers, benefit from better grasping the closing process. While it may seem like other things should take priority, such as coordinating movers, packing belongings or ordering utilities, the closing process remains one of the most important things that take place behind-the-scene when buying a new home. That’s where Assured Title shines.

The behind-the-scene action commences the moment a bid is formally accepted by a seller, typically anywhere between 30 days to three months prior to closing. Real estate brokers will contact Assured Title on behalf of the buyer, enlisting its services as soon as a buyer’s sales contract is accepted.

Assured Title will nurture and oversee the closing process, watching for unnecessarily glitches and delays. After closing instructions and a mutually executed contract are reviewed by Assured Title, it’s time for the preliminary title work to be completed.

First, there’s a search for land records, which provides a clear snapshot of the title to the property, including covenants, easements, and liens. A title commitment will be issued which is a commitment to insure the property if certain requirements are met. Meanwhile, an escrow officer coordinates important details.

A loan policy, which covers the lender for the cost of the mortgage loan, is one type of title insurance coverage. The second type is an owner’s policy, covering the homebuyer’s purchasing amount. It’s recommended that homebuyers armor themselves with an owner’s policy.

If an outstanding mortgage is discovered, then the escrow office will request payoff figures from the existing lender. Also, the escrow officer will ensure the transfer of water and sewer, and the verification of taxes paid. Any discrepancies found by a closing team will be reported to the appropriate parties, and the lead escrow officer will coordinate with settlement service providers.

In Colorado, it’s customary for sellers to pay for the cost of a homebuyer’s owner’s policy, which is a one-time fee that provides lasting security as long as a buyer owns that property. Nonetheless, each closing is unique and demands the skill of a seasoned professional. As the closing day nears, Assured Title updates pertinent information, and when the escrow officer is satisfied with the paperwork, he or she confirms the time, date and location of the closing.

While the purchaser is focused on countless tasks that must be done before moving and comfortably relaxing in his/her home, Assured Title is working relentlessly to make sure the transaction goes smoothly.

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