You’ve found your dream home.

The maroon brick structure, the plush green lawn, and the pristine picket fence are far more immaculate than you ever dreamed. You quickly make an offer, which is accepted. The deal is closed, and you and your beautiful family move in.

Then, you receive a notice in the mail informing you there’s a lien against the previous owner. As the new owner, you’re now in the middle of a legal battle or you’re subject to a pre-existing lien, which could cost you thousands of dollars or your home.

Buyers acquire title insurance because it’s a guided, preemptive measure that protects against financial loss. It’s a standard, initial step when closing on a home purchase, and it’s critical for protecting a buyer.

When purchasing title insurance, check your policy and know what you’re paying for. Lender’s title only protects the lender against loss. In contrast, owner’s title insurance protects a buyer’s equity in a property, and in Colorado is typically paid for by the seller.

Providing comprehensive title and escrow services to communities throughout Colorado is essential to what Assured Title Agency does, but it isn’t all that we do. For more than a decade, we’ve closed real estate transactions of every variety, and we’ve committed ourselves to empowering customers with knowledge and impressive resources.

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